Friday, July 11, 2014

Herb Notes: Agrimony


Folk Names: Church Steeples, Cocklebur, Garclive, Philanthropos, Sticklewort, Stickwort, Umkhuthula, Ntola

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Powers: Protection & Sleep

(Note: Above information ripped directly from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Good for sachets and spells. Can be used to banish negativity, and can protect against evil, poison (1, 3), and Goblins(1). No mention of it being an antidote, so must somehow be used as a detector or something similar (the word "ward" has been tossed around). No information on why/how it keeps Goblins at bay.

This may fall under the "banish negativity" banner, but  Agrimony helps with overcoming fear, internal blockage, and negative emotions (3).

Used to reverse hexes and spells cast against you (note - it doesn't just stop the spell, but turns it on the user)(1, 2, 3).

 Place a sachet of it under your pillow to sleep(1, 2), but be careful, the sleeper will not awaken until it is removed(1). Said to pair well with Mugwort for sleep sachet (3). 


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